What’s the gist of this meetup?

I want to help you build Divi websites more efficiently and confidently, which is why I’d like to share my Divi workflow with you during this 2-part meetup. In part 2 (held in February 2021), we’ll talk about refining your building techniques. (Check out the slides and recording for part 1.)

What topics will I hear about?

  • Using a child theme
  • Implementing and organizing CSS in Divi
  • Using Divi presets
  • Optimizing for mobile in Divi
  • Using Divi’s efficiency features
  • Additional tools to have on hand (e.g., a better lorem ipsum generator, inspector, auto-prefixer, text editor, image editor, etc.)

Great, but who are you?

Hi, I’m Mark Cunzolo. I co-own Peculiar Pxl, a branding and digital marketing agency in Pennsylvania, and I’ve been a Divi user for the past 5 years. For much of that time, I used Divi but knew I could be using it BETTER. After starting my own agency, getting neck-deep in client projects, and being forced to evolve, I now have a simple workflow I utilize to build with confidence and consistency.

Presentation Links

Would you like to give a presentation at a future meetup? Let us know! All WordPress-related topics are welcome. We also appreciate talks targeted at any level of WordPresser (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).

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