In this meet (held in March 2021) you’ll learn about using the MVC (Model, View, Controller) development pattern in your WordPress theme. We will be using the Sage theme by roots along with the Eloquent ORM from Laravel and the Phinx migration system during this demonstration. There is a repo available with demo code for you to follow along.

This meetup is functioning with the assumption that you have experience creating custom themes, solid knowledge of PHP, and have familiarity for using a CLI and composer.

Our speaker, Erik Thomas, is a Senior Web Developer for Nearby Creative. He builds custom web solutions using the PHP framework Laravel creating e-commerce platforms and mobile application APIs. Along with his PHP skills he works extensively with NodeJS, React and Typescript to build front end solutions as well as scripts for clients to manipulate and better understand their data in both MySQL and Mongo databases. When not working his full-time job he does freelance work building custom WordPress themes for clients that require third-party integrations and more particular level of customization.

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Would you like to give a presentation at a future meetup? Let us know! All WordPress-related topics are welcome. We also appreciate talks targeted at any level of WordPresser (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).

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