As a meetup organizer, I love finding speakers to deliver awesome presentations for our group.

Often when I ask someone to present, though, I get feedback like, “Me?” or “I don’t know enough.”

But you (and they) do know enough, already, right now. So let’s talk about eight reasons why you should consider speaking at a meetup.

  1. Everyone knows something! The web is VAST, there are SO many moving parts and change is constant. I guarantee that you know something that someone else doesn’t.
  2. The best way to learn more about a topic is to teach someone else. Preparing your presentation will allow you to deepen your knowledge. (And giving it allows you to learn even more.)
  3. Has anyone in the WordPress space helped you? Have you learned from someone in the community? Consider speaking so that you can pay it forward.
  4. You never know who you’ll inspire by getting up there to speak. You can be a role model (which feels really good).
  5. New speakers make the community vibrant and strong — they’re what keep the community moving forward.
  6. You’ll gain confidence speaking in front of a group. Meetups have the added bonus of being comfortable and laid back, so what better place to speak?
  7. Speaking also allows you to demonstrate authority in your network.
  8. It’s fun! The audience is often really appreciative and engaging. They want to know more, which makes presenting an enjoyable experience.

If you’ve spoken at a meetup before, do you have any other reasons? Share in the comments below!

Would you like to give a presentation at a future WordPress Pittsburgh meetup? Get in touch! All WordPress-related topics are welcome. We appreciate talks targeted to any level of WordPresser (beginner, intermediate and advanced). (Not from the Pittsburgh area? We do virtual meetups, too!)

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