Last fall we held our first mega meetup. We loved the format so much we wanted to have another this year. Due to COVID, however, we had to move our meetups online and make a few adjustments.

See the schedule and sessions below and make sure to RSVP for each session you want to attend on

Can’t make the event? Check out our site after for recordings and slides for all presentations.


Track 1 – Existing Site Users

9-10AM — Open Discussion + Q&A

10-11AM — Mark Rogers — Unlocking SEO Through Content Marketing

11AM-12PM — Heather Steele — Your Site Isn’t a Cornfield… Just Because You Build it, Doesn’t Mean They’ll Come

Track 2 – Developers

9AM-12PM — Mike Hale — The Future of WordPress as a Headless CMS


(Track 1) Open Discussion & Q&A

To kick off our mega meetup series of events, we’ll start with an open discussion and Q&A. Ask questions, share a success or challenge, meet others in the group or just come to hang out.

(Track 2) The Future of WordPress as a Headless CMS

JAMstack is growing in popularity as a faster, more secure option than a traditional CMS like WordPress. However, WordPress is still a powerful tool for creating and managing content and can serve as the backend for a modern application. In this session, you’ll learn what JAMstack is, why many consider it the future of the web, and how WordPress fits into a modern web application architecture.

(Track 1) Unlocking SEO Through Content Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide

SEO is over-analyzed and over-explained. But it really comes down to 1 thing: how well can you connect your website to your audience? The gap between your website and your audience can be difficult to bridge. Fortunately, the best way to connect those two sides is through something that doesn’t require technical knowledge — content marketing.

In this talk, Mark Rogers will walk attendees through everything they need to know to build a content marketing program that grabs attention from search engines. He’ll walk attendees through creating a content strategy, conducting keyword research, writing and optimizing content for SEO, and reviewing success metrics.

(Track 1) Your Site Isn’t a Cornfield… Just Because You Build it, Doesn’t Mean They’ll Come

Your website is not a cornfield… just because you built it, doesn’t mean they’ll come.

So, you’ve got a website — great! Now it’s time to sit back and watch the business roll in, right?

I mean, that’s how it works in the movie — he builds the baseball field in the middle of nowhere, and like magic, ghostly baseball players show up and cars line up for miles to see them play.

Unfortunately, you won’t have James Earl Jones or cornfield magic on your side.

Join digital marketing bad-ass, Heather Steele of Blue Steele Solutions to learn how to get the right people to your website and move them into your sales funnel once they get there.

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